Site Features Questions

Q: What this site is all about?
A: OrbitPost is a forum to share and exchange your views with other registered or non-registered membes.

Q: What are the activities I can do here?
A: Here you may create and manage your posts such as polls, views, image gallery, videos and post articles beside posting questions and news. You can choose to display your post as either public (to be seen by all) or private (to be seen only by selected friends). Apart from posting you may also send friend request to other users or promote a most by recommending it to your friends.

Q: What is the difference between registered and un-registerd users?
A: A registerd user has full access to the features provided here. The registerd user can make any number of posts and has complete control over his post. He can promote a posts by recommending it to his friends or follow any posts to receive updates. He can send request to any number of users here and start sharing posts with them.
An un-registered user can view only the public posts and has to provide email each time posting a comment. All Other features are barred to un-registered users

Q: How I connect with other users here?
A: There are two ways to send friend request to a user. First is using the 'Add' button in the post display page. Other way is to visiting the profile page of a user.

Post Related Questions

Q: How to submit a post?
A: You can choose to post polls, views, question, image and video gallery and articles and news by visiting the 'POST' section in the left side menu. Just select the type of post you want to make and submit it under any of the suitable category.

Q: What are the different types of posts that I can make here?
A: Follwing are the posts you can make here.

Polls: You can create and post poll. You can create both opinion poll or multi choice polls with ease. You can set the validity of a poll between 1 to 7 days.
Views: Post your views and share with members or friends on any issue.
Gallery: Create image gallery and post in easy steps.
Videos: Post video and share with members or friends.
Articles: Post articles on any topic and share with members to receive their comments.
News: Post news of yous locality and share with members.

Q: How can I manage my posts?
A: You can view all the posts you submitted under the 'Post History' section in left-side menu.Your polls, views, question, video amd image gallery in 'general post'. Your articles under 'articles' section and news under 'news' section. You can delete any of your post from here.

Q: What is public and private post?
A: A 'public post' is the posts which is displayed in the main content area of the home page and viewed by all users whereas a private post can be viewed only by the friend you select. Except the 'Article' and 'News' post, all other types of post can be submitted as public or private.
Posts you submit as 'private post' will be listed in the Post Inbox section of the friends you selected.

Q: How I know if i receive a comment or vote or a like/dislike on the posts I submitted?
A: You will be sent a notificaltion for each activities on your posts. You may also visit Friends Activity to see all the notifications of various activities.

Q: How to report a post that I find objectionable?
A: You can report any such post by going the 'Report Post' that you will find in the drop down menu under 'Action' in post content area.You have to select at least one reason to support your claim of reporting it. The post will be removed after verifying the claims by our team.

Q: Where I can find the post submitted here by other users and friends?
A: In the home page you will be displayed all the public posts that are submitted by various registered users. To read the posts by their categories you need to follow the Read General Posts link on the left side menu.
Similarly, follow Read Articles section to read articles displayed by category. Follow Read News link to read news.

Q: What is 'Recommend' button that I see on a post?
A: Press 'Recommend' button once to recommend a post to your friends. Please note that you can't recommend your own posts.

Q: What is 'Follow' button that I see on a post?
A: Press 'follow' button once to follow a post. You will be send a notification for each updates (comments or votes or like\dislike) for that post. Press the same button again to unfollow that post to stop receiving notifications.

Q: What is 'Add' button that I see on a post?
A: Press 'Add' button once to send friend request to the owner of the post.

Q: What is 'Like-Dislike' button that I see on a post?
A: Press 'Like' button to vote your 'like' for a post. Press 'Dislike' button to vote your 'Dislike' for a post

Q:How can I post comment on a post?
A: You can post your comments to any post using the comment box provided with each post. Un-registered users can comment after providing their emails.

Q:Why I see 'post has been removed' when I open a post?
A: It means that the post has been either removed by the owner of the post or the receiver of the post.

Profile Related Questions

Q: Who can view my profile?
A: The information the you provide in your profile can be seen only by registered users. The display of your 'contact details' such as email, website, conatact number and address depends on how you choose them to display on your profile. By default, your contact details are shown only to your friends. To make it available to display to all registered users you need to select 'Display to anyone visiting profile' option.

Q: How can I edit my profile?
A: You can edit your profile by visiting 'Edit Profile' page.

Q: What is 'Add Rating'?
A: You can add your rating to any registered user by clicking on the stars. The rating can be based on the quality of posts made by the user as well as the profile information he or she provided.

Q: What is the 'Add' button that I see on a members profile page?
A: You can use this button to send friend request to this member.

Q: What is the 'Unfriend' button that I see on a friend profile page?
A: You can use this button to unfriend this member.

Q: How do I update or set my profile avatar?
A: You can visit 'Change Avatar' option to upload or change your profile image.

General Account Questions

Q: How do I retrieve a lost password?
A: You can automatically retrieve your password by clicking on the 'Reset my password'. You will be required to enter the email that you have registered with us. Just follow the instructions then to reset.

Q: How do I reset my account?
A: You can reset your account by visiting the 'Account Settings' option.

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